Go To Makeup for Busy Women (Q&A)

07 May 2019

Presentation is key, especially if you’re living in the corporate world. New acquaintances, potential clients and business managers will often measure you up upon first glance. With this in mind, a lot of career women are often ‘pressured’ to present their best, attire-wise or how they play up their features. As such, one of our co-founders is tackling the corporate world herself in Australia - let’s take a look and see what her go to makeup is on a daily basis.


Q: Hi Tatia. Thanks for taking the time and doing this short session with us. Regarding our topic today, what do you usually start with for your go to everyday makeup routine?


T: Thanks team. To answer the above question, I start with sunscreen as it’s necessary to protect me from the sun and UV rays. My skin easily produces sun spots and discolouration on my face, hence my need to put this product on everyday. In a country like Australia, it’s a definite must (especially in summer!) as the sun is quite vicious. On top of that, it provides a good ‘base’ for my other makeup products.



Q: It’s great that you prioritize putting on sunscreen as many people - both men and women tend to be ignorant about this particular product. So other than sunscreen, do you use any other face products?


T: For my everyday go to look, I skip the primer, foundation and concealer. The reason being that this takes time to apply, blend and dry, which completely defeats the purpose of the makeup routine otherwise. I apply bronzer to add dimension and warmth, blush for a bit of colour to my cheeks and highlighter for that natural shine.



Q: That’s true if you think about it - primer, foundation and concealer takes at least another 5-10 minutes that you can use to sleep in, or catch the earlier train to work. After these face products, how do you complete your look?


T: For my eyes, I usually go with a one-colour eyeshadow all over the lid, so my eyes look alive. This is one of the reasons Kilda Beauty came out with the Starlets in the first place, as it’s a product that anyone can use, whether they have all the time in the world to play and apply their makeup, or if you only have 5 minutes to spruce up your face. After the shadow, my must is mascara - applying the right mascara will open the eyes and makes me look more ‘awake’. Finally, the lips. This is a definite must; whether it’s lipstick, lip stain, lip tint, I believe your lips will always need colour after applying your makeup. This will complete your look.



For our busy women, are these also your go to routine? What other products do you use other than the ones Tatia use and why? We’d love to see your tips and tricks for everyday go-to makeup routines!